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#MM #LGBT Romance Fantasy!
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Our guest blogger today is Pablo Michaels. Pablo is the author of MM #LGBT stories, such as this fantasy remake of 
"Jack and The Magical Beanstalk".

Author Pablo Michaels spins a tale of gay romance like no other!

Please enjoy this guest blog as we go further into the story with this character series, 
Pablo Michaels.

Revisit these Characters
"Who Is Jack?"
"Who Is Lorene?"

For those of you who aren't familiar with the book and the author, let's start out with the basics!
About The Author
Author Pablo Michaels
Pablo Michaels disguised himself as a shy, friendly heterosexual during his adolescence, fantasizing other males. Falling in love with another man his first year in college, he followed him to another university to maintain their platonic love, while he continued in his in studies. When he had his first sexual encounter with another man, just before turning twenty-one, he exploded into gay life with lust and anger. He attempted to live his new life naturally, seeking love, ignoring the statistics of the books he read on homosexuality in high school, and proving what he had read was wrong.
He wrote poetry and stories since third grade. When he turned twenty-one, he moved to San Francisco to work and write, experiencing more of gay life. In the 1980's he wrote every chance he had, trying and failing miserably at publishing mainstream fiction. He published his first story in 1986 in a literary magazine. read more...

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About The Book
In this adult fairy tale young, awkward, young Jack sells their prize cow Pearly White for magical beans to a strange man in a red bikini. Little does Jack’s mother, Lorene, know that the beans grow into a giant, magical beanstalk, high above the clouds?

Jack ascends the beanstalk to a land where a Giant Slave serves his larger Master, Jack begs Slave for food to satisfy his hunger from his long journey. But Jack finds Master hoarding treasures.

Attempting to escape the wrath of Master and Slave with the treasures, Jack encounters a handsome, engaging normal sized human man. Sam lives with others that live naturally without clothing deep in the forest. As Jack ages he becomes a handsome man, just like his father, attracting many men, including the two farmhands, Zeke and Adam.

Even though Jack has enabled the farm to prosper with the treasures he stole from Master and is met with increasing danger, he climbs the magical beanstalk again and again to find more treasures and pursue Sam.

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And Now, without further delay,

we present to you...

The next character segment of 

meet the characters from 

"Jack and The Magical beanstalk", 

"Who Is Adam?"
written by 
​Pablo Michaels

Who Is Adam?
Who is Adam? Adam is the other farmhand Jack hires along with Zeke. When Jack hired both farmhands he saw an aura of mystery and adventure in their eyes. It is the gay instinct that men, desiring other men recognize. Jack saw adventure and fun in Adam. Jack’s perception of gay identity, speaks to his needs for the two men, Adam and Zeke, fulfilling his life to become the man, he would grow to be. . Zeke’s experience and discipline balances with Adam’s frivolous carefree way to live life without restraints. Adam, shorter, with a trim, fit body, and younger than Zeke, in his late twenties, is a good worker, who is eager to learn. Under Zeke’s supervision, he is an attribute to any farm or ranch operation. Adam met Zeke on a cattle roundup. The two men bonded as lovers in a male to male love affair. Being young, he is in need to sow his oats, in his case, with other men. Zeke attempts to give Adam experience in bed, preventing him from making foolish mistakes or take the wrong step with men not inclined to have sex with a man. But Adam is impulsive, deeming it necessary to learn his own way. As a result, Zeke steps into situations that might be fatal for Adam and rescue him from physical confrontations. When first brought to the farm, Zeke kept Adam restrained from seducing Jack, until Jack was ready to experiment with his sexuality. Adam wanted to be the first one in bed with Jack, but the young man chose Zeke to have his first sexual encounter. Adam enjoys teasing others, many times to lead young men into his bed, baiting them with his good looks and fun spirited charm. He loves to tell jokes and horse around with other men. He shows respect for women, especially Jack’s mother, Lorene. Although he has had a long relationship with Zeke, Adam needs to experience more to become more seasoned with good judgement. Being a submissive character to Zeke, Adam relies on the older farmhand to instruct him in his work as a farmhand and in his performance in a sexual relationship. When Sam entered Jack’s love life, Adam was jealous. He did not want to lose Jack as a sexual partner. He also has eyes for Sam, as a new sexual conquest. Adam is essentially enthusiastic with life, but lacks good judgement, due to his lack of experience. He knows he is able to lure anyone interested into mischievous deeds, often requiring a stronger, more respected man to bail him from any detrimental consequences. Adam is loyal to Zeke and to those who value his strong attributes, like his excellent work ethic to complete a job on the farm, in a timely fashion. He remains on the farm after one season, feeling a part of a family which Jack and his mother provide. He also stays on the farm since Zeke has chosen to continue helping Jack and his mother. Adam is also resourceful, like the time he saved the bean seeds from the giant magical beanstalk when it came crashing down on the ground to kill Master. Thinking the bean seeds would grow into more magical beanstalks, he hid them in the barn for a time when they might be needed. Although they do not grow into the magical beanstalks, the resulting beanstalks proved prosperous for the farm by spreading long distances, producing bountiful crops of beans.
Thank you for joining us for this third segment of our character series with "Jack and The Magical Beanstalk". We hope you enjoyed this segment, "Who Is Adam?" and will come back next Friday, the 25th day of March when we visit another character from the book, Jack and The Magical Beanstalk!

Who will it be next week? You'll have to come back and find out!!!

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