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#RPBP #ASMSG #Bookboost Book Showcase for Dr. Dude: A Michaela McPherson Mystery

Book Showcase for Dr. Dude: A Michaela McPherson Mystery

Rukia Publishing Featured Book Dr. Dude: A Michaela McPherson Detective Mystery Novel
​by author Judith Lucci


Dr Dude: A Michaela McPherson Mystery
A New Series Starter
by Best Selling Mystery Thriller
Author Judith Lucci
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Wednesday 24 February 2016

"Behind The Scenes" With Fred's Diary 1981 Robert reflects on life in prison #Thailand #RPBP #ASMSG #TravelsInAsia #Memoir @fredsdiary1981

Thank you for joining us as we go behind the scenes of 
with the Fifth edition
"Behind The Scenes".

Robert Fear takes us on his journey, as he travels in Asia taking daily notes in a diary. 
This authentic look into his dairy has been extended by going behind the scenes with Robert as he reveals himself to us each week with an original inside look.

"Robert Reflects On Life In Prison"

​Reality hits home
This is becoming a real nightmare. What did the three of us do to deserve this turn of events?

Since arriving in the prison we have slowly adapted to the routine. We are in a cramped cell with five other westerners, all of them imprisoned for various heroin offences and sentenced to spend the next thirty years of their lives here. The problem is that they still have access to a supply of heroin through the prison guards, who know they have the money available from relatives back home.

We have to be very careful that they don’t stash their supplies anywhere in our belongings. Raids are common place and if we were caught in possession that would be our freedom gone for a long, long time. It feels that could happen anyway at the moment as there has been a Coup D’├ętat by the military who are trying to overthrow the King.

The doors of our cell are locked at 4.30 pm. The single light goes on at 6 pm and stays on all night. After 10 pm there is meant to be silence but the atmosphere in here is electric as our fellow inmates shoot up during the night-time hours. Sleep would be a lot easier with Valium, but these were confiscated when we were admitted. Besides it is best that the three of us stay relatively aware of things going on around us. We are let out again at 7 am for the morning roll-call.

The support of our friends outside is something that we have come to rely on. Although they are only allowed to visit once a day during the week, we couldn’t have done without their support. As well as bringing us supplies of food, water and cigarettes, they are helping with the bribery negotiations that we’ve had to get involved with to speed up our release.

It’s been great to get some letters from back home. I had one from Rita, who seems a lot happier now thank heavens, and another from my first love in England, Wendy. That was a nice surprise. There have also been letters from my family which have just drummed home the fact that I have let them down. They will have to know what has happened at some stage but I want to make sure that I have some good news first.

The uncertainty at the moment is overwhelming. We just want to get our freedom back and can’t believe that we are being punished so heavily for such small offences. On the other hand we know that we should have been more careful and taken better notice of the laws of this country. Now we have to play by their rules and bribe our way out of this mess.
The dirty face of heroine & corruption hits home with Robert whilst in prison in Thailand.

Life inside prison-an excerpt from the book
Had a restless night's sleep with many varied dreams. Stan had the same problem. Perhaps we are picking up vibes from the junkies.

They are shooting up maybe three or four times a day, which is costly and dangerous. They are all caught up in a vicious circle, not only from the addiction but because of the money they owe and the constant risk they run of getting a second charge.

At 7 a.m. we were all roused and trooped outside for the headcount. After ten minutes we returned to our block but the Thais had to endure an hour long service, perhaps extra-long because there was some propaganda to do with the military takeover.

We are not allowed newspapers in here so it is difficult to get any accurate information about what is happening in Bangkok. At 8:30 a.m. Stan, Andy and I made a tour of the camp which is quite regimented, especially for the Thais.

They work in various factories making bamboo and teak furniture, some go to school and others work on the gardens and keep the place clean. The Thai junkies who are brought here do a rigorous series of exercises to sweat out the cold turkey. The westerners are left alone because they are always reckoned to have money.

For any work the Thais do they receive the princely sum of a quarter of a baht per day so it's not easy to save money here. The westerners don't have to work although there is an English guy doing it to try and learn some of the basic crafts.

Andy also found out some more news of the troubles today. The King and his forces have demanded the surrender of the new military government and if they do not step down there will definitely be some fighting.
Did you miss the past four segments of 
Behind The Scenes?
Fascinating time capsule from the 80’s



Have you ever wanted to read someone else’s diary? 
Would you like to experience travelling in Asia without leaving home? 

Then this book is for you. Fred’s Diary 1981 is a fascinating insight into a young man’s travels around Asia in the early 1980’s. This is a unique opportunity to delve into Fred's daily diary, which details the 158 days he spent travelling around Asia. Follow Fred throughout his extensive travels to Hong Kong, Thailand, India and Nepal. 
Appreciate the many friendships formed along the way with fellow-travellers. 
Relive the highs and lows that he experienced during this fascinating journey. 
Recognise the huge differences in technology, particularly communications. 
Become immersed in the different cultures, peoples and surroundings of Asia in the early 1980's. 
Understand more about the drug culture of the 1980's, especially in Thailand and Nepal. 
Learn from Fred's youthful mistakes, especially if your dream of travelling to Asia becomes a reality.
The price of Fred's Diary 1981: Travels in Asia has been dropped to £1.99 / $2.99 
(was £2.99 / $3.99). 
Get your copy while this offer lasts:
You can find out more about author Robert Fear on 
Rukia Publishing's 
Meet the Author page:

Come back next week when we publish another original segment 
"Behind The Scenes"

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Tuesday 23 February 2016

New release by Judith Lucci The Queen of NOLA #Medical #Thrillers Dr. Dude #Mystery, #Thriller & #Suspense #animals #RPBP @JudithLucci

Dr Dude: A Michaela McPherson Mystery

A New Series Starter 
by Best Selling Mystery Thriller 
Author Judith Lucci
Hey everybody, I want to welcome you to my new series, Michaela McPherson Mysteries. The series is set in Richmond where Irish born Michela (Mic) McPherson, a former Richmond homicide detective her retired police dog Angel, and best friend and side kick 82 year old Italian Countess Dorothy Borghase are up to their ears in solving crime that requires quick thinking and ingenious solutions.

A young woman disappears after a job interview at a well-known dentist’s office in Richmond and Mic, Dorothy and Detective Slade O’Brien join forces to solve the crime…a crime with long reaching tentacles that spans continents and generations.
"Please don't do this to me. Why are you hurting me,” the young 
voice sobbed. “I don't know who you are!” 
A large hand with dirty, stained fingernails grabbed her shoulder roughly. “Shut up,” he growled as he shook her ferociously until her teeth chattered. 
Her tattooed abductor terrified her as she focused on the snake tattoo on his hand. “Just let me go, and I promise I won't tell anyone," the young woman whimpered. “I promise.” 
“Shut up, or I’ll really hurt you,” the savage voice promised as he slapped her face and slammed her into the side of the vehicle. He shoved her again and bent her body like a pretzel. His body covered hers, making it impossible for anyone to see her from three sides. 
The young woman's voice raised to feverish pitch as another person pushed her into the trunk of her car. The monster pinned her arms behind her head and shoved her elbow against the spare tire. She winced as an excruciating, burning pain sent stinging shocks into her head. She cried uncontrollably and could not stop shaking. 
"Shut your yammer,” the man hissed softly, his face so close to her blindfold she could smell his foul breath. “If you don't, it’ll be much worse for you," he warned as he loomed over her, making her feel small and defenseless. She couldn't see him through her translucent blindfold but sensed he had dark hair. 
"Please, please, please just let me go. My father will give you a reward. He has a lot of money." As she made the promise, her teeth chattered violently. Tears streamed down her face, making her cough. She was unable to brush them away. 
The man laughed a slow, evil sound that caused chill bumps on her arms. "Your father doesn't have enough money to stop what we have planned for you, not nearly enough, so shut your pretty mouth and be quiet before I put your lights off." 
A wave of fresh sobs exploded from the terrified woman as she lay in the trunk of the car. Her body shuddered from head to toe, and she couldn’t control the tears streaming from her face. 
The noise infuriated her assailant as he glowered at his helpless victim. A feeling of euphoria settled over him. He loved watching helpless women squirm. He shook her head and pounded it against the trunk of the car. 
"I told you to shut up. If you don’t stop screaming, I'm gonna cut your voice box out. Do you understand?" 
Allison nodded and coughed. 
“Be quiet.” Allison heard a female voice speak for the first time. “I’d hate to mess up your pretty face,” she said in a singsong voice that frightened the young woman more than the snarl and guttural voice of the man. 
A wave of fresh sobs exploded from the scared woman, as she lay helpless in the trunk of the car. 
She thrashed around wildly. Where’d the woman come from? She tried to see her through her blindfold but she couldn’t. For some reason, she was more frightened of the woman. Her body shook, and her teeth chattered. 
“I hope the bitch doesn’t mess herself up,” the man commented. 
The woman stared at him. “You know what to do, so just do it.” 
The man hesitated for an instant, and the woman pushed him aside and glared at the helpless young captive. 
That was when the lights went out for Allison Massie. The woman stepped back with an evil smile on her face and murmured, “Well, I guess I shut her up.” 
Despite the choke hold, the woman glared at him defiantly. 
The tattooed man let her go and pushed her against the car. “Get back in the office and do damage control,” he snarled, “and don’t ever cross me again.” He jumped in the car and headed west.

Judith Lucci writes what she knows.....Hospitals, Patients, Physicians and Health Care. She adds suspense and intrigue along with well developed plots, vivid descriptions and memorable characters, and produces medical thrillers that few readers can put down. 

Dr. Lucci is the author of the Alexandra Destephano Series, a series of medical thrillers that offer fans an escape into the busy world of a fictitious world-class hospital in New Orleans. The main characters are Alexandra Destephano, a nurse attorney who is legal counsel for Crescent City Medical Center(CCMC) and Jack Francoise, a dedicated, gnarly, unyielding NOPD Commander who covers the 8th Precinct and the French Quarter in New Orleans. Add dashing surgeon Robert Bonnet, Alex's ex-husband and her best friend and psychiatrist Monique Desmonde, and the cast is complete. Lucci's thrillers are a fast-paced, riveting medical thrillers that offer readers believable drama, and memorable characters and extraordinary thrilers that allow them to escape into the complex, often mysterious world of health care. 

Watch for Dr. Lucci's new mystery series, Michaela McPherson, Private Eye. The series is set in Richmond where Mic, a retired Richmond homicide detective, her retired police dog Angel, and her side kick, 82 year old Countess Dorothy Borghase are constantly to their ears in crime and dangerous situations that require quick thinking and ingenious solutions. First release, Fall of 2015.

Virginia born Judith Lucci holds graduate and doctoral degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Virginia. She is the author of numerous academic and health-related articles and documents. Her novels are based on her clinical experiences, very active imagination and experiences living in New Orleans and Virginia. When not teaching or writing, Judith is an avid silk painter and multi-media artist. She lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with her family and six dogs.

Amazon Author Page:
5.0 out of 5 stars
A superb read for all lovers of outstanding crime thrillers.
By Enrico Grafitti on February 17, 2016
Queen of NOLA Medical Thrillers, Judith Lucci, starts a new series with ‘The Case of Dr. Dude” and it has all the promise of being a new bestseller for her avid fans. Set in Richmond, Virginia, the series features an ex-cop turned Private Investigator, Michaela McPherson, whose informal partnership with an ageing Italian noblewoman, Countess Dorothy (Dottie) Borghese, and backed-up by her retired police dog Angel, make for an intriguing and heart-warming trio that tackle the most brutal of crimes. In this first novel of the series the issue is the kidnapping and selling of young girls into the white slave trade.
The author’s impeccable research shows on every page as her protagonists delve into the mystery of the missing women and take on the Russian mafia in this fast-paced thriller. The skill with which Lucci has placed her readers on the streets of New Orleans in her medical thrillers is present here too and we quickly feel at home in Richmond, as the tale unfolds.
The story is solid; the villains despicable, and the protagonists people you will instantly empathise with in this complex tale. Mic and Dottie find themselves in a race against the clock to save the life of the victims and you will find your heart thumping with excitement as the story barrels along to its finale. A superb read for all lovers of outstanding crime thrillers.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Excellent read
By Peter Martin on February 19, 2016
Another Winning Series!
Judith Lucci has done it again! She has created another great series filled with unique and interesting characters, great description and a complex plot with twists, turns and surprises. Michaela (Mic) McPherson is a retired homicide detective from Richmond, Virginia (Lucci’s home town) whose best friend is Dottie, an aging Italian Countess who, along with Mic’s ‘retired’ police dog, Angel, solve difficult crimes. As always, Lucci’s book is impeccably researched and peppered with suspense and intrigue. The trio in this book have attacked the global issue of human sex trafficking as Mic, Dottie and Angel tussle with an aberrant dentist, his crazed assistant and the Russian mob to rescue a young woman who disappeared after a job interview at Dr. Dude’s office.
Judith Lucci again has penned an amazing page-turner in the first book that is as.exciting and memorable as Alex Destephano medical thrillers. I cannot wait for the next Mic McPherson mystery.

Available Exclusively on Amazon

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Monday 15 February 2016

An #Interview with @johnlockauthor on @EnglishInformer @EnglishInfoUK #Must Read #Prophecy #RPBP #ASMSG

The English Informer 

"Talking With John Lock"

Hello John.

Hello Susan, thank you for considering me for an interview to publish in your online English magazines.

I started writing late in life and have been amazed at the eagerness of fellow authors and readers to build solid and long lasting friendships. Writing can sometimes take you into solitary and lonely places and it is uplifting to know that you have hundreds of on-line friends to share your ups and downs with. It is also satisfying to reciprocate by lending a sympathetic ear to their deliberations. I would envisage your magazines will give me the opportunity to increase my wide circle of friends.

The biggest single factor that inspired me to start writing was being made redundant for the fourth time. I have always worked in high powered, dog eat dog industries, travelling all over the U.K. Companies would grow by taking over other companies and incorporating them into their own framework, replacing staff with their own existing personnel. I was involved in several company absorptions and had the unenviable task of making people redundant until, we in turn, were taken over by a larger company.

The fourth time I was made redundant I found myself out of work for twenty seven months and spent most of the day searching and applying for jobs on line. To alleviate the boredom I found myself writing short stories and eventually tying them all together. I sent the first three chapters off to a publisher who replied that they wanted to see more so I spent the next week tweaking, editing and enhancing my manuscript and eventually my first novel, Presidential Trail, was born.

After my first book had been published, a local newspaper printed an article on me together with a picture, and whilst shopping in a supermarket with my wife, somebody came up to me and asked if I was the author in the newspaper article. I was a bit taken back, but obviously elated, that someone was actually interested in reading about me! The response to my first book gave me the impetus to write my second and third novels, The Shir Khan Prophecy and Treacherous Assignment, and the support of my wife Lindsey and all of my children, heightens my desire to continue writing. I have my own website where links are available to purchase all my books, e-book and paperback, from Amazon and all leading on-line retailers. JohnLockAuthor

The three novels are part of a series of thrillers, each with their own, individual storyline but following on in time. The two central characters, Kane Rhodes and Brian Jones, are British MI6 agents combating terrorism on an international scale. I also try to introduce different characters into each book which I hope will broaden the readers interest and help to make each book different.

I have a tendency to try and make the titles of my novels portray what the story is about and usually scribble down several possible headings. Then I check on Amazon and other book sites to see if there are novels already out there with that title. If there is then I tweak or change the title until I have a unique book heading. I enjoy thoroughly researching the plots, geographical areas and equipment that my characters use and often surprise myself as to how advanced modern technology has become. I have started the fourth book in the series, Lethal Credentials, but it is taking second place to a new venture, a crime novel, which I am two thirds of the way through and eager to finish. Whilst my current books are full of action and male bonding, I only touch on the romantic side, which is something I would like to use more of in my fourth novel in the series. I do not, however, want it to appear that I have inserted romance or sex for the sake of it, just to attract other readers. It needs to be tastefully written and more to the point, accurately fit into any storyline. The crime novel gives me the opportunity to mix action and suspense with romance and I hope that I can then adapt some of that experience into the Kane Rhodes/Brian Jones series.

I tend to write in bursts where I spend several days churning out pages of text but then leave it for a couple of weeks before going back to read through it, re-write parts and edit what I have done so far. This gives me the spur to continue writing and with all the research and changing storylines to keep them up to date, it takes just under a year to complete a novel. This suits me fine as I am now retired and writing helps to fill my day and evenings with an enjoyable 'escape'. I say I am retired, but there is always plenty to do. My daughter is getting married this year and there always seem to be last minute plans that have to be attended to, which further delays my writing, but I would not have it any other way.

If I had to pick a favourite book out of my novels I suppose it would have to be The Shir Khan Prophecy which gave me the opportunity to bring in another main character which I may use again in a future novel. The Shir Khan Prophecy has the two main characters infiltrating a cult in Afghanistan believed to be responsible for using hypnotic-type experiences to groom prominent people, throughout the world, to become major terrorists. The extent of their radicalisation soon becomes alarmingly clear as it becomes obvious their victims are being groomed for a particular event. Some of the people involved are soon identified as being world leaders with the overall aim being to disrupt the whole of the Western world, but how far has it gone? Who else is involved? What is the event that will start it all off?

The Shir Khan Prophecy may currently be my favourite, though it may be moved into second place by the fourth book in the series, Lethal Credentials, which I am currently writing. This novel has increased my desire for accurate, up to date information which I try to convert into a gripping, factual but interesting read. I always intend to make my latest novel more enjoyable than the last and I have a feeling this will be my best yet. Whilst I try to make my story lines action-packed, I strive to make my books as realistic as possible, so I do not have fight scenes that go on for ages where combatants have super human stamina and instantly recover from the myriad of blows inflicted on them. I would rather portray what I, or any other human being would do in those circumstances and make it more realistic. However, these two have been trained in hand to hand combat and they will, and do, use this knowledge to their advantage. The main thing for me is that all my story lines and events are perceived by the reader as being feasible and realistic.

Many thanks for Taking the Time to Talk.

A New Addition To The Rukia Publishing Team! 
Welcome Aboard John!

Sunday 14 February 2016

HOT! Release Day!!! Consenting Hearts by @SexyMuffyWilson #Sexy #NavySeal #Romance #Valentine #New Release #RPBP

Consenting Hearts
Muffy Wilson
Just as we cannot live without dreams, we cannot live without love. Love is not found, for love is truly blind. Lovers do not meet for they dwell inside of one another until the moment a whisper ignites the heart and a kiss touches the soul. And we call that the beginning...of life with love.

So on Valentine's Day, what better way to lay tribute to love and lovers than with a love story that just happens—not on purpose, not by design, not by any other intention than to live life and love without boundaries? To fly limitless into the arms of someone who completes your soul gives one wings.

Nothing can stop the power of love between a man and a woman.

This is a story about a professional woman, unlucky in love and tired of all things testosterone, who is erotically tempted by a female piano bar player and torch singer. Her intended tryst is derailed when she meets a Navy Seal in the lounge enjoying the sweet temptations of a Southern Comfort Manhattan. 

How does the night unfold for the strangers above the jeweled colored sparkling lights strewn like a bed in the valley below? Perhaps a twosome or maybe a threesome. Or...

Perhaps forever is only for a night.

Enjoy The Teaser

She told him what she had done to herself in the ladies’ room, the slight smell of vodka and lemons on her breath escaping from full, ruby lips as he watched them move with each word and syllable. He was getting hard again; she could see the bulge in his pants. She described in detail exactly what she had done, how she felt and how it had made her feel when she emerged from the ladies’ room: strong, powerful, in control—hot. She leaned in closer and whispered into his ear.
“I am so tempted to guide your hand up to the wet desire you caused between my thighs.”
His bulge was quite obviously rock hard, as he no doubt remembered when she’d returned from the ladies’ room but in earnest at her seductive suggestion…
“I would be less than an officer and a gentleman if I didn’t oblige. I must confess,” Dylan said, “I thought I smelled the fragrance of sex on you, and you made me hard as steel—Navy steel hard…Jesus, Sailie…” Ordinarily, a comment like that would have brought some chuckles but the two of them were dead serious, staring into one another’s hungry eyes.
“Last call for alcohol. You don’t hafta go home; you just gotta go. You can’t stay here,” the bartender hollered interrupting their locked gaze.
People started to shuffle around them gathering their things, collecting their coats and umbrellas, leaving. Sailie and Dylan had just gotten fresh drinks, so they had a few minutes to whisper and touch before they would have to join the others and leave. Shortly, the bartender started turning on lights and flashing them dim to high. That was the universal message that before too long, they would stay on. Sailie and Dylan were unconcerned. They had nothing but one another in their shared look. And Sailie thought of the torch singer.
The piano player stood, looked at Sailie and blew out the candle on her piano. In the flicker of the burning light, Sailie saw the invitation.
Dylan broke his gaze, stood and took Sailie’s elbow. “We’d better leave before they have us arrested,” he said. And they smiled, knowingly, at one another. Sailie was hoping there would be better reasons ahead to get them both arrested.
“Wait. Do you mind if I give my friend, Meesa, a ride home?”
“Meesa?” Disappointment hung on his voice.
“The piano player.”
“Oh…no, of course not. But, I have a small car.”
“No problem. I mean, would you like to have a nightcap at my house? I’ll ride with you and Meesa can bring my car when she is finished here. She doesn’t have one. You don’t mind, do you?” What could he say sporting that hard-on?
“No, I mean yes! I would love to come have a drink at your house and no, I don’t mind if she brings your car. I didn’t realize you were friends.”
“Well, yes, we’ve been friends for a little while. I’ll explain later. Let me give her the keys.”
As they rose to go, Sailie broke away from the man who had held her attention the entire night to the woman that held it now. She bent to the young woman’s ear as she slipped a twenty into the bountiful brandy snifter and inhaled the lavender fragrance she remembered so swell. Her aroma sent an electric bolt to the moist center of Sailie’s desire.
“Come to my house when you are finished, won’t you?”
“Yes, of course, I will. I’ve been watching you all night, both of you, but then you knew that,” the long-legged blond with the soft fingertips answered matter-of-factly.
“Here are my keys. We’ll have a drink. You will come, promise? Do you remember how to get there?”
“Of course, I said I will, Sailie. I’ll be here awhile cleaning up, but I should be there in about an hour. And yes, I remember how to get there. It hasn’t been that long—just last night.”
“You don’t mind him, too, do you?”
“Mind? Oh, lord Sailie, no. Are you fucking kidding? He’s gorgeous. And you look absolutely radiant. Is that an iridescent blush on your cheeks? You look beautiful.”
“Thank you, sugar. No, it’s not blush but excitement and a little bit of cum. See ya at my house.”
Sailie kissed her ear, the twenty safely tucked in the snifter, sucked her earlobe into her mouth with a little flick of her tongue and turned to the man that had her mojo melting.
“Come on, Dylan. Are you ready to go? I’ll ride with you to my house.”
“Ah, sure, Sailie. You, ah…you, ah, you kissed her…?”
“Yes,” Sailie turned and wiggled a wave to Meesa. “We’re close.”
“Oh, well, then…”

Muffy, author of provocative romance about love, sex, hope and passion, was born in Texas to traditional parents. With two older brothers, she was the youngest, the family "princess," indulged and pampered. Her father was a career Colonel and pilot in the U.S. Air Force which required the family to travel extensively. Muffy spent her formative years in Europe and 'came of age' in France which forged her joie de vivre and love for books, writing and education.

Married and living in the tropical paradise of SW Florida along the Gulf Coast, Muffy dabbles in real estate, writes and enjoys life in the sun with her husband and wee Havanese pup, Burt. 

~ Live, Laugh, Love with Passion

Consenting Hearts A Very Special Valentine

Feb 2016 ~ My Life in the Sky A Memoir of Lt.Col. Joe Lyle Jr

Mar 2016 ~ Alpha Fever Anthology with Gina Kincade from Naughty Nights Press 
May 2016 ~ Sequel to The Para-Portage of Emily
July 2016 ~ Ribbons of Moonlight Sequel to Moonbeams of Unintended Consequences

© 2000-2016 Muffy Wilson. [] All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.