Saturday 9 October 2021

The Killer on the Heath #Mystery #NewRelease #99cent #sale by Karen Mossman

A woman is dead, and another is missing. The only person who can save her is Cassie.

With no clues and time running out, her brother, Detective Newbold, desperately needs her help. He is counting on Cassie’s clairvoyant and empathic abilities to locate Chantelle.

When Chantelle’s brother, Pedro, seeks out a psychic for help, he meets and falls for Cassie. Though he wants answers, neither Cassie nor Detective Newbold can give any, which complicates their relationship. To make matters worse, his overbearing mother adds further damage with her meddling.

Meanwhile, the killer has been caught, but he refuses to talk. Now, it’s up to Cassie to read the signs and rescue her lover’s sister.

Will she find the answers in time?


Available as a paperback and on Kindle Unlimited


The Killer on the Heath is the first of a forthcoming trilogy.


Meet Cassie, the main protagonist in a character interview on the blog of J. M. Northup

‘He could be anywhere, I realised. He might be striding down this very street, seemingly normal. That’s what made him even more dangerous. He could be choosing another victim from the crowd while everyone else just thought him to be a regular guy. They wouldn’t know what he’s done, or the life he’s taken for his own gratification.’


‘I considered how and why people could be so cruel to each other.  When I’d asked Seb, he’d said, “Not everyone’s wired the same.  Some people think what they’re doing is okay.”
“How is that possible?” I’d asked him. 
“Take Plinth,” he continued, “being brought up by parents who didn’t give a damn and mistreated him set the stage for the man he’d become. He didn’t have a proper standard to compare to, and the power he enjoyed only reaffirmed his beliefs.”’


‘“You can stop that right now!” A shrill voice crashed into us, throwing us apart guiltily. His mother stood in the doorway, disapproval written all over her face. For a fraction of a second, her eyes lingered on my chest where my nipple stood erect. Once more she had caught me in a compromising position. I felt like a child being found doing something I shouldn’t. What is it with this woman? Couldn’t she have waited until we returned?!’


‘The original short story was born in 2018. I liked it, and wrote another and another. I soon had a collection of short stories.’


The Killer on the Heath is published by Norns Triad Publications and was introduced to the world in September.

Watch and listen to the  author read an exciting excerpt from her book.


October 3rd to the 9th in honour of Mystery Week we are offering the book at the knock down price of 99p.


About Karen

Spending most of her life in the big city of Manchester, Karen and her husband moved to Anglesey, a small island off the north Wales coast. Along with their two dogs, she enjoys the freedom of the countryside and beaches that surround her.

Karen is also an avid reader and reviews every book she reads. On her website she also has two features - Pictures Telling Stories and About a book. And in keeping with the title – Magic of Stories, Karen believes in telling yarns in different ways. Check out the Magic Posts on her website.

If you would like a book featured in any of these, simply purchase The Killer on the Heath and send a copy of the receipt to and let her know which you would like. She will then send you the form to complete.


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Wednesday 27 January 2021

It's time to face the music . . . #NewRelease #ebook #Series sale

Cory's Flight

New Release

Publication date : February 23, 2021

Cory's Flight: Facing the Music

A couple of bad decisions…

…and he was the perfect one to frame for murder.

But who is out to get Cory?

It was true, his ex-manager, back in his pop music days, had stolen from him, and it made him mad. Words were exchanged and maybe a threat or two, but for Cory it was all bluster. He never thought it would come back to haunt him.

Now, he sat in a cell.

The evidence against might be enough to convict.

What was his next move?

Barney Tower, at age 50, was a high-priced lawyer and had a reputation for winning. People said he would do anything to get the job done. He knew it to be true. Barney was just the sort of guy Cory needed on his side. There’s just one thing he didn’t know.

His lawyer might be playing a different game.

Could Barney be trusted?

Should Cory run?

You’ll love this suspenseful thriller, because this frame job may be watertight and if Cory is going to prove he’s innocent, he just might have to change the rules.

Get it now.