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The English Informer 

"Talking With John Lock"

Hello John.

Hello Susan, thank you for considering me for an interview to publish in your online English magazines.

I started writing late in life and have been amazed at the eagerness of fellow authors and readers to build solid and long lasting friendships. Writing can sometimes take you into solitary and lonely places and it is uplifting to know that you have hundreds of on-line friends to share your ups and downs with. It is also satisfying to reciprocate by lending a sympathetic ear to their deliberations. I would envisage your magazines will give me the opportunity to increase my wide circle of friends.

The biggest single factor that inspired me to start writing was being made redundant for the fourth time. I have always worked in high powered, dog eat dog industries, travelling all over the U.K. Companies would grow by taking over other companies and incorporating them into their own framework, replacing staff with their own existing personnel. I was involved in several company absorptions and had the unenviable task of making people redundant until, we in turn, were taken over by a larger company.

The fourth time I was made redundant I found myself out of work for twenty seven months and spent most of the day searching and applying for jobs on line. To alleviate the boredom I found myself writing short stories and eventually tying them all together. I sent the first three chapters off to a publisher who replied that they wanted to see more so I spent the next week tweaking, editing and enhancing my manuscript and eventually my first novel, Presidential Trail, was born.

After my first book had been published, a local newspaper printed an article on me together with a picture, and whilst shopping in a supermarket with my wife, somebody came up to me and asked if I was the author in the newspaper article. I was a bit taken back, but obviously elated, that someone was actually interested in reading about me! The response to my first book gave me the impetus to write my second and third novels, The Shir Khan Prophecy and Treacherous Assignment, and the support of my wife Lindsey and all of my children, heightens my desire to continue writing. I have my own website where links are available to purchase all my books, e-book and paperback, from Amazon and all leading on-line retailers. JohnLockAuthor

The three novels are part of a series of thrillers, each with their own, individual storyline but following on in time. The two central characters, Kane Rhodes and Brian Jones, are British MI6 agents combating terrorism on an international scale. I also try to introduce different characters into each book which I hope will broaden the readers interest and help to make each book different.

I have a tendency to try and make the titles of my novels portray what the story is about and usually scribble down several possible headings. Then I check on Amazon and other book sites to see if there are novels already out there with that title. If there is then I tweak or change the title until I have a unique book heading. I enjoy thoroughly researching the plots, geographical areas and equipment that my characters use and often surprise myself as to how advanced modern technology has become. I have started the fourth book in the series, Lethal Credentials, but it is taking second place to a new venture, a crime novel, which I am two thirds of the way through and eager to finish. Whilst my current books are full of action and male bonding, I only touch on the romantic side, which is something I would like to use more of in my fourth novel in the series. I do not, however, want it to appear that I have inserted romance or sex for the sake of it, just to attract other readers. It needs to be tastefully written and more to the point, accurately fit into any storyline. The crime novel gives me the opportunity to mix action and suspense with romance and I hope that I can then adapt some of that experience into the Kane Rhodes/Brian Jones series.

I tend to write in bursts where I spend several days churning out pages of text but then leave it for a couple of weeks before going back to read through it, re-write parts and edit what I have done so far. This gives me the spur to continue writing and with all the research and changing storylines to keep them up to date, it takes just under a year to complete a novel. This suits me fine as I am now retired and writing helps to fill my day and evenings with an enjoyable 'escape'. I say I am retired, but there is always plenty to do. My daughter is getting married this year and there always seem to be last minute plans that have to be attended to, which further delays my writing, but I would not have it any other way.

If I had to pick a favourite book out of my novels I suppose it would have to be The Shir Khan Prophecy which gave me the opportunity to bring in another main character which I may use again in a future novel. The Shir Khan Prophecy has the two main characters infiltrating a cult in Afghanistan believed to be responsible for using hypnotic-type experiences to groom prominent people, throughout the world, to become major terrorists. The extent of their radicalisation soon becomes alarmingly clear as it becomes obvious their victims are being groomed for a particular event. Some of the people involved are soon identified as being world leaders with the overall aim being to disrupt the whole of the Western world, but how far has it gone? Who else is involved? What is the event that will start it all off?

The Shir Khan Prophecy may currently be my favourite, though it may be moved into second place by the fourth book in the series, Lethal Credentials, which I am currently writing. This novel has increased my desire for accurate, up to date information which I try to convert into a gripping, factual but interesting read. I always intend to make my latest novel more enjoyable than the last and I have a feeling this will be my best yet. Whilst I try to make my story lines action-packed, I strive to make my books as realistic as possible, so I do not have fight scenes that go on for ages where combatants have super human stamina and instantly recover from the myriad of blows inflicted on them. I would rather portray what I, or any other human being would do in those circumstances and make it more realistic. However, these two have been trained in hand to hand combat and they will, and do, use this knowledge to their advantage. The main thing for me is that all my story lines and events are perceived by the reader as being feasible and realistic.

Many thanks for Taking the Time to Talk.

A New Addition To The Rukia Publishing Team! 
Welcome Aboard John!

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