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"Behind The Scenes" With Fred's Diary 1981 Robert reflects on life in prison #Thailand #RPBP #ASMSG #TravelsInAsia #Memoir @fredsdiary1981

Thank you for joining us as we go behind the scenes of 
with the Fifth edition
"Behind The Scenes".

Robert Fear takes us on his journey, as he travels in Asia taking daily notes in a diary. 
This authentic look into his dairy has been extended by going behind the scenes with Robert as he reveals himself to us each week with an original inside look.

"Robert Reflects On Life In Prison"

​Reality hits home
This is becoming a real nightmare. What did the three of us do to deserve this turn of events?

Since arriving in the prison we have slowly adapted to the routine. We are in a cramped cell with five other westerners, all of them imprisoned for various heroin offences and sentenced to spend the next thirty years of their lives here. The problem is that they still have access to a supply of heroin through the prison guards, who know they have the money available from relatives back home.

We have to be very careful that they don’t stash their supplies anywhere in our belongings. Raids are common place and if we were caught in possession that would be our freedom gone for a long, long time. It feels that could happen anyway at the moment as there has been a Coup D’├ętat by the military who are trying to overthrow the King.

The doors of our cell are locked at 4.30 pm. The single light goes on at 6 pm and stays on all night. After 10 pm there is meant to be silence but the atmosphere in here is electric as our fellow inmates shoot up during the night-time hours. Sleep would be a lot easier with Valium, but these were confiscated when we were admitted. Besides it is best that the three of us stay relatively aware of things going on around us. We are let out again at 7 am for the morning roll-call.

The support of our friends outside is something that we have come to rely on. Although they are only allowed to visit once a day during the week, we couldn’t have done without their support. As well as bringing us supplies of food, water and cigarettes, they are helping with the bribery negotiations that we’ve had to get involved with to speed up our release.

It’s been great to get some letters from back home. I had one from Rita, who seems a lot happier now thank heavens, and another from my first love in England, Wendy. That was a nice surprise. There have also been letters from my family which have just drummed home the fact that I have let them down. They will have to know what has happened at some stage but I want to make sure that I have some good news first.

The uncertainty at the moment is overwhelming. We just want to get our freedom back and can’t believe that we are being punished so heavily for such small offences. On the other hand we know that we should have been more careful and taken better notice of the laws of this country. Now we have to play by their rules and bribe our way out of this mess.
The dirty face of heroine & corruption hits home with Robert whilst in prison in Thailand.

Life inside prison-an excerpt from the book
Had a restless night's sleep with many varied dreams. Stan had the same problem. Perhaps we are picking up vibes from the junkies.

They are shooting up maybe three or four times a day, which is costly and dangerous. They are all caught up in a vicious circle, not only from the addiction but because of the money they owe and the constant risk they run of getting a second charge.

At 7 a.m. we were all roused and trooped outside for the headcount. After ten minutes we returned to our block but the Thais had to endure an hour long service, perhaps extra-long because there was some propaganda to do with the military takeover.

We are not allowed newspapers in here so it is difficult to get any accurate information about what is happening in Bangkok. At 8:30 a.m. Stan, Andy and I made a tour of the camp which is quite regimented, especially for the Thais.

They work in various factories making bamboo and teak furniture, some go to school and others work on the gardens and keep the place clean. The Thai junkies who are brought here do a rigorous series of exercises to sweat out the cold turkey. The westerners are left alone because they are always reckoned to have money.

For any work the Thais do they receive the princely sum of a quarter of a baht per day so it's not easy to save money here. The westerners don't have to work although there is an English guy doing it to try and learn some of the basic crafts.

Andy also found out some more news of the troubles today. The King and his forces have demanded the surrender of the new military government and if they do not step down there will definitely be some fighting.
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