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"Behind The Scenes".

Robert Fear takes us on his journey, as he travels in Asia taking daily notes in a diary. ​
This authentic look into his dairy has been extended by going behind the scenes with Robert as he reveals himself to us each week with an original inside look.

This week Robert Reflects with

"Highs Of Nepal"
Highs of Nepal

After an out of the world few days in Kathmandu, I have now moved on to Pokhara and will be embarking on a seven day trek in the Himalayas tomorrow morning.

We spent our first night in Kathmandu getting extremely stoned on Freak Street. Alass and I then managed to get well and truly lost walking back to the guest house. Eventually at 12:30 a.m., foot-weary and pissed off at getting so disorientated, we saw a police station.

We got talking to a police officer who was a great help and proceeded to walk us back over the bridge to our guest house within fifteen minutes. Before leaving us there was an exchange of addresses and he said that if we ever had any problems we should contact him. What a contrast to Thailand!

The weather has not been the way I expected. After blue skies and sunshine in the morning things change quickly around midday with drizzle persisting for much of the afternoon. This then turns to heavy rain and thunderstorms later on.

Although the Nepalese are obviously still a poor people they seem to live happily and are not pushy or nosy as the Indians can be. They carry on their lives as though it was still twenty years ago and there were no westerners around. You don’t know how refreshing that is after a couple of weeks in India.

It has been great to get some post again. On my first visit to the Kathmandu post office I was delighted to get two letters from Rita and a note from Andy. The letters from Rita had been re-directed from Malaysia so she hasn’t said whether she can come to India as yet.

The note from Andy was dated a few days before, when he left for the village of Pokhara, which is 200 kilometers from Kathmandu. That is where I am now and I still hope to meet up with him somehow, although I don’t know where he is staying or whether he might already have moved on again.,_Nepal
Pokhara is a real contrast to Kathmandu, although there are still a lot of westerners here! It consists of a long main road leading from a small airfield right down to the lakeside, where I arrived after a bumpy bus journey. It is a beautiful situation with the deep blue lake, a forested mountainside opposite and the surrounding mountains seeming close because of their size.

The next few days trekking in the Himalayas should be a real experience. To be honest I don’t think that I am properly prepared or fit enough for the challenges ahead, but will give it my best shot anyway!
Staying with a Nepalese family in the Himalayas
The family of eight people live in a small one room house with a
veranda outside. Their house is perched on the hillside, overlooking the valley which I walked today. After being a little nervous at first the family became friendly towards me and although they haven’t got much, they share everything they have. Tonight I’ve said I can sleep on the veranda and will pay them some money towards the food and place to sleep they have given me.

Shortly after arriving the weather changed quite dramatically and the thunderstorms set in again. We went inside and one of the boy’s sisters made some wheat bread over the small fire, which was tasty. I keep forgetting the boy’s name but he is nice and does most of the translating as the rest of the family don’t speak any English.

The house is primitive and small but it is home to these people and they’ve opened their arms to me. There is a grandmother, mother and father, four sisters and the boy. I spent most of the afternoon sitting around talking to the boy and his friends. Also taught them some more English which was quite amusing.

As the afternoon wore on it got quite cold as the clouds twirled
around the hilltops, sometimes cutting off all visibility, so I changed into my warmer clothes. When the clouds do clear there are some beautiful views from here. One can also see towards the Annapurna's which is spectacular.

I had a Nepalese dinner of rice and dahl which was surprisingly good, although they gave me so much that I was unable to finish it, despite the urging of the whole family. As it was starting to get dark there were some heavy electrical storms which were a little frightening perched here on a hillside.

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