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Publication Date: October 22, 2018

The Phoenix Gambit: A Story of the New Glasgow War
Everything in war is very simple. But the simplest thing is difficult. - Carl von Clausewitz
It should be so easy. They had the advantage. The enemy was outnumbered and Rachel's marines had the armor and training to win. But now they were stuck behind enemy lines with no supplies and in a communication blackout. In other words, it was just a normal day on planet Gascony.
This is the fifth installment of the New Glasgow War series. On the distant planet of Gascony, the Federation forces find them selves cut off from reinforcement and supply as they battle the Verrat't, cat like creatures of the Me’eritim. Captain Duncan, FUP Marine Corps, has linked up with Major Dietler and his mechanized battalion. In a desperate battle for the capitol of the planet, Duncan learns that Dietler is more that just familiar to her.
They must free the planet from the Verrat't and hope that the Federation remembers them on this distant outpost.

Book 5: The Phoenix Gambit

New Glasgow War Series.
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