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What is the Paranormal Romance That Rocks Collection?
It's Paranormal Romance That Rocks Your World! 
Four Amazing box sets that take you into rich worlds of sexy alpha shifters, vampires, and dragons that is sure to leave you with a bite of true love’s desire brought to you by four of your favorite authors.   

What are these four boxed sets you ask? Well, that's what I am here to show you!
'ETERNAL LOVE BITES' by bestselling author P.T. Macias!

Forever Love Bite’s
"Not all love bites are equal! Some are for eternity!"
Time is ticking. . . . . . forcing Prince Maximillian into angst. His promise and obligation to select the perfect mate drives him insane! 

Old beliefs and tunnel vision render him blind. The Prince is unable to recognize what he has in front of him. 

The sweet sexy elemental Fairy makes the Prince blood boil, heart flutter, and soul soar. The sassy fairy uses all her charms and a dash of fairy dust to convince him that she’s perfect. 

Blush’s Prince 
"She runs from her duty and falls into handsome stranger arms, loses her heart, and meets her destiny."

Wicked Blush, a beautiful dragonette, is sad and frustrated. She refuses to return to her realm to marry the stranger that she was promised to at the time of her birth. Blush has reached the fork in the road and now she must make some soul wrenching decisions.

A handsome stranger at the Christmas party draws her in and she chooses to forget her fiancĂ©.  This Christmas, there’s a special gift for more than one of the elite operatives.

Her decision takes her on an incredible journey of secrets, deep passions, and truths. Will she be able to keep her heart? Can she escape her destiny and her soul mate?

Blush is swept into a whirlwind of love, truths, and untold passions. 

Wolff's SEAL Heart
"Wolff SEAL covert mission to sweep in, terminate, and evacuate is drastically derailed when he discovers young girls waiting to be sold overseas. His Wolff growls, his mate is among them. He fights against time, dictates, and war to save his mate." 

The elite SEAL’s covert mission - to sweep in, terminate, and evacuate is drastically derailed. Wolff, the elite ops leader is knocked off-track when he discovers his soul mate in this most unexpected situation. 

The Mexican drug cartel's training compound is more than it appears. The group of young girls in their clutches are waiting to be sold overseas. 

A beautiful young Mexican-American girl runs to Wolff, imploring him to save her. Her heart explodes. Her dormant senses awaken, and her soul merges with his. She gazes at him confused with the unexpected connection, the overwhelming emotions, and the passion that has been ignited. 

Wolff refuses to leave her behind. He fights against time, dictates, and war to save her. He knows that she is more than his mate. She's more than she knows.

Blush's Prince Sample by author P.T. Macias
All Copyrights Reserved 2018 P.T.Macias

Fierce Northern teleports onto the front entrance of the Wolff Dynasty Estate, in front of the massive stained wooden doors.

He looks at his side as Prince Connor Dracostar teleports right next to him. He frowns at him and he waves his hand around to insulate them from the world in a clear shield.
“Connor, I don’t know if it’s going to work. I don’t want you to force Princess Josephine Draco. Don’t expect her to fall into your arms.” Fierce raises one eyebrow, glaring at him.

Connor slides his right-hand fingers through his black hair, closing his beautiful turquoise eyes.

Hell, this is my only opportunity to make her fall in love with me. I had to beg Fierce to convince the Draco Royal Council to give me a few cycle segments to court Princess Josephine here on earth realm.

Fierce moves and crosses his arms waiting for him. “Are you ready?”

Prince Connor opens his beautiful turquoise eyes nodding. “Yes Sir, I’m ready. I would like to ask you to please introduce me as Dominic, my second name. I don’t want her to be on the defense. I would like to have the opportunity to court Princess Josephine because I need to claim my dragonette.”

Fierce nods, grins at him. “Wow, that’s a great idea and it might work. So, Dominic is your second name?”

Connor grins nodding. “Yeah, Dominic, but nobody really uses it, but it’s engraved on my birth stone at the palace.”

Fierce nods, he turns to look out into the woods. He rubs his chin with his right hand. He turns to look at Connor.

“I would suggest that you don’t address her so formally. She’s called Blush on the team and maybe it would give you the opportunity to talk to her.”

‘DAMNED BY DESIRE:THE SEVENTH SON’ by bestselling author P. Mattern!


Every 7th generation the 7th son of Lucifer has a chance at redemption. Jagger Luis Banes is that 7th son, but he has no intention of renouncing his devilish ways until he sets eyes on young Neon Kravitz in the Paradise Club one night.

Jagger will find that he might have control over his band, but not his heart;

Neon will discover that you can’t outrun the DEVIL once you’re in his sights!

Chapter One: Flasher
Copyright by p.mattern 2018 all Rights Reserved
It was a slow night in Paradise, but Jagger didn’t care. He loved making music, and whether there was a large audience on hand to appreciate it or not was beside the point. He loved being onstage with his eclectic band which included two fallen angels and a human.

He was the lead singer, and he was insanely good at it. His range stupefied even the most discerning and hard core rockers, and he composed nearly all the songs.

Having the name he had didn’t hurt either. He had been named after a client that his own father had bequeathed an extra long life and a mega helping of luck to that happened to be the lead singer for Diabolus’ favorite all time rock band.

In truth the band had been around for centuries and was still going strong in their 50th year, more popular than ever.

The first time he noticed Neon he was on stage, in the middle of a set. There were quite a few couples doing their thing on the dance floor, alternately jumping wildly or grinding against each other in an attempt to mimic a horizontal act in a vertical manner, and suddenly time seemed to slow down a fraction of a second, and the sea of bodies parted, and he saw her.

SHIFTERS FUREVER by bestselling author C.D. Gorri!

Snow Angel
Dr. Rayne Davis is dedicated to her patients and Packmates, the only thing missing from this Wolf's life is someone to share it with. That’s all about to change when she takes off for a weekend getaway and finds herself at the door of the one man who'd caught her attention, but managed to get away, Cael Evangelos.

His Winter Mate

Claire Freemont finds herself stuck with the one man she’d rather avoid, Mike Bellamy. He lost his wife and unborn child years ago, but his heart still bears the scar. If only she could stop her attraction to the taciturn bar owner! When a severe winter storm shuts down the local roads and highways Claire is left stranded!
Will Mike turn her out into the cold or will things heat up? 

Home For The Howlidays 

Cassie DeMarco is headed back home after failing to hit it big in the city. Her humiliation triples when her well-meaning stepmom signs her up to attend the “Singles in Maccon City Annual Holiday Ball” to find that special someone to share the season with.
Dr. David Evangelos made ER Chief at just thirty-four years old. He has money, a house on the beach, a sports car that he loves, and a promising future in Maccon City. But there is one thing he’s missing, a mate to share it with!
Mistletoe and magic conspire to bring these two together in this steamy holiday short! 

Sample of His Winter Mate

All Copyrights Reserved 2018 CD Gorri

“What do you mean, engaged? To who?”

“I didn’t say we were engaged, I said we were thinking about it! And I met him online. A new dating app,” Claire answered her friend, Winifred Falk, formerly Castillo, between bites of her salmon avocado roll.

She loved sushi. The friends had agreed to meet at the new Asian fusion restaurant on Main Street in Maccon City, NJ. Roll Over, was small and clean, and the food was great.

Claire took a sip from her mango-passion bubble tea and sighed. She knew she’d have to answer more questions, but she shook her head before Fred could start in on her. Her happily married friend was also a Werewolf, and she could almost hear her questions before she voiced them.

“The app was designed by Graves Enterprises. You have heard of our very own Wolf Guard, Randall Graves, and his software development company?”

“Of course!” Fred agreed. The Macconwood Pack was the most powerful Wolf Pack in the Western hemisphere and the most technologically advanced. The thanks for that went mostly to one of the Alpha’s Wolf Guard, Randall Graves. He was an absolute genius.

“He’s married now, right?” Fred asked.

“Yes, his wife is a very nice woman, Tulla is her name. I met them at an event for Lane Liquors a few months ago.”

“How is your job by the way?”

“Well, we’ve got the next product in our Seasons line, Winter Bite, all ready for its debut. Thank God, I am not the liasion between Lane Liquors and The Thirsty Dog anymore. I happily relinquished that job to David, Mr. Lane’s assistant.”

“Oh yeah, how’s he working out.”

“He’s still new, but getting there.”

“Alright Claire, spill, who is this guy?”

“He’s a Wolf too, new to the Pack. He comes from Russia. His name is Igor. Anyway, he’s looking for a wife to-”

“You are not marrying someone for a green card are you?”

ABSOLUTE ALPHAS by bestselling author Amanda Kimberley!

Fallon kept life easy because all that mattered was to protect her family as pack leader. Love for a mate only creates heartache, something she’s had to live with since Gavin left the pack.
Gavin knew his life was complicated being an alpha and didn’t want to make things worse by claiming a mate of his own. As far as he was concerned only one woman had his heart and his pack left hers long ago.
When a civil war ensues between the packs Fallon comes face to face with Gavin and has to decide between her love for him and the love of her pack.  

Absolute Alphas
Forever Bound
Forever Tied

Absolute Alphas by Amanda Kimberley

All Copyrights Reserved 2018 Amanda Kimberley

Sample of 


She tried to focus her mind on breathing in and out. It was the only thing that kept her from falling apart since Gavin left the pack. She shouldn’t miss him this much since it’s the one-year anniversary of his leaving. Fallon thought she could avoid the pain today of all days since her father, Rogan was performing the ceremony for her to become pack leader.

This sort of thing was an honor bestowed to the first-born male of the family but she was his only pup. And since Rogan was nearing 250 years of age he wanted the pack to be lead by her, the younger generation. They had fresh eyes when it came to dealing with the apposing packs and this would prove beneficial in the civil war. Many werewolves found it hard to play nicely with the other packs. Being an alpha lead to certain airs and sometimes those airs were tested.

Rogan, who was one of the more timid alpha elders was finding his age to be detrimental towards the new thoughts of these younger wolves and decided that his daughter should take the lead now that she had just turned 20.

Fallon looked into her bathroom mirror and mouthed the words you can do this before she put on her bones. It was a simple gesture and an heirloom from her great grandmother who took the trek from Ireland to the US long ago.

The heirloom had power and Fallon often tapped into it when she needed the strength that only her ancestors could provide but she wished she didn’t have to rely so much on the power that exuded from them.

It’s now or never Fallon. You’ve got this.

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