Friday, 20 October 2017

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Hi everyone! It's Margaret here. I'm writing to all of you today with some exciting news! I have so many really fun and exciting things to share with you today! I've got some giveaways, a few opportunities for free books(one is a boxed set), a few book sales, and lastly a flash sale for a few author marketing tools!
I know you are all extremely busy, so I'll get right to it then...

Let's start out with some books sales:

The 2016 Reader's Favorite Gold Medal Winner!
The Case Of Dr. Dude by author Judith Lucci!

A young woman disappears after a job interview at a well-known dentist’s office in Richmond, Virginia. Retired homicide detective Michaela McPherson and Angel her retired police dog, along with her close friend, the aging Countess Dorothy Borghase, and Richmond police join forces to solve the crime. Could human trafficking be a real problem in the United States?

This case pits them against evil and greed armed with tentacles that span continents and generations.

This is the first book in the Michaela McPherson Mystery Series, Book two in available at regular price, and book three is coming real soon!

Fall in love with the characters from Whisper Bay as they take you inside their lives with this new sweet & clean romance series!

In this first book you will meet Chloe Tyson and Oliver Pettigrew from Whisper Bay, a small community where everyone knows everyone or at least they think they do.

Oliver is a mysterious young man who has just returned home to Whisper Bay. No one really knows anything about him and really doesn’t seem to want to either. Except for Chloe, she needs to know all she can—her life as she knows it depends on it.

The second book in this series, Rachelle & Brett: The Self Portrait, is also available now.


Step into adventure with Marked By Fate; the ultimate reading experience. Be immersed in twenty-six fantasy & science fiction worlds with state of the art Augmented Reality technology. Read, listen, and watch bonus content inside to bring the characters and story to life around you.

Enjoy the added features of this special edition, which allow you to enjoy bonus content right from your reading device. See character artwork. Listen to your story’s soundtrack. Watch book trailers and bonus videos. Experience behind the scenes like never before, thanks to Augmented Reality technology. Immersive Fantasy™; bringing fantasy worlds to life.


Now How About Some FREE book Opportunities!

Out Of The Ashes by CN Stoesen
In a war torn world, one soldier rises above the ashes to take the fight to the enemy.

As the cities of New Glasgow lay largely in ruins, Sergeant Rachel Duncan leads her squad against the mechanized iron fist of the Federated Union of Planets. Short on men and materials, the odds are against them. Help is coming from other planets but with nothing left but strong willed determination, will they be able to hold their ground until it arrives?

In command of an under-armed platoon and ever increasing responsibilities, can Sergeant Rachel Duncan rise to the occasion, or will she crack under the intense pressure of a world under siege?

Releases on October 24, 2017

This one has two options! 
Preorder it for $0.99 or you could get it free!

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And Now, It's Giveaway Time!!!

Enter To Win with the 12 Slays of Christmas Authors!

There is a way to earn extra entry credits so read the entire giveaway!

Enter To Win With Sybil Shae
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I hope you found something you like here today! 
Good luck on the giveaways!
Margaret Daly
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