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Get To Know Your Characters! 

Meet Jack!

Since Jack is the main character and our hero in the first three books of the Jack’s Magical Beanstalk series, it is important to have his role well developed, someone who a reader will like, or even love, and be believable as a person the reader can identify with. Jack’s main purpose in the story was to become a man, one who was equal to his father’s stature. Physically, I portrayed him, as he grew up as a real man, transforming from an awkward, clumsy adolescent who was bullied and ridiculed into a handsome, hairy chested and physically well-developed man. In order to fulfill himself as the reincarnation of his father, he had to overcome the teasing and bullying he endured, growing up early in life, and to acquire, wit, speed, and wisdom to provide and care for his mother while managing the farm. His sexuality blossomed with pride and sell-confidence in a more of an ideal (fantasy) world. Others were more accepting of his sexual orientation than what exists in our real world. Ultimately, Jack discovered love, fulfilling his role as a man.

In my adult version of the fairy tale classic, Jack and the Magical Beanstalk Book 1, Jack was born to parents Bill and Lorene. Jack was the sparkle in his father’ eyes, by his side until he died. He took him along while doing chores at a young age of three. Jack had a good foundation of memories embedded within, even though he lost his father when he was five. The reader might think the lasting memory of his father might be of finding him dead, after being struck by lightning, during a violent thunderstorm. He was at his mother’s side, when they discovered Bill. Jack had a photographic memory, recalling times when his father sang to him and his mother. He visualized images of his mature, handsome father, making love to his mother. Jack was bullied as an adolescent, referred to as a wimp by the townsfolk at market and at school. He was tall and gangly with a large frame but had the beautiful blue eyes, and soft, wispy, auburn hair, the characteristics inherited from his father. He was gifted in the ability to draw pictures and write stories, applying his photographic memory in his creations. He served to protect and help his mother, beginning with the death of his father. Probably two important aspects of Jack’s character was his inherent gay identity and his trust and belief that people were good. He trusted others. When his mother relied on him to sell Pearly White at Market he traded the prized cow for five magic beans from a strange, old man, relying on his instincts to trust the peculiar man. Despite his mother’s scorn, he believed in the magic, waking to a giant beanstalk, growing outside his bedroom window, just like the man had predicted.

In Jack and the Magical Beanstalk Book 1 Jack faced his first real danger in life, when he confronted the two giants, Master and Slave. Asking for food, he trusted this enormous beast, Slave but soon learned his life was in danger. With his quick speed he outwitted Master, while stealing his bag of gold coins. On Jack’s retreat back to the beanstalk, he discovered there was someone watching him, from a distance, a naked man, his size. Something other than his naked body attracted Jack more than he had experienced, before, but he had to flee down the beanstalk. With the acquisition of the gold coins, his mother trusted him to go to market to hire two farmhands to increase the productivity of the farm. He enlisted the two best men, Zeke and Adam. Jack detected a hidden aspect about these men. He instinctively knew there was something different about them that excited Jack. Upon returning to the farm, he bartered with the peculiar, old man to trade one of his gold coins for Pearly White. Jack managed the crew and farm, and later had his first sexual experience with Zeke. By then Jack’s body was maturing into a muscular, handsome man like his father had been. When the gold coins had become depleted, Jack climbed the beanstalk a second time. Braving an encounter with Master, he asked Slave for food again. When Jack stole the Master’s chicken, that lay gold eggs, he escaped to the beanstalk. But he saw the naked man, who gestured for Jack to follow him. Jack finally met this attractive naked man, Sam. Initiating a friendship, Jack had sensations, he had not had before. It was love for the first time. But Jack had to depart for the farm, down the beanstalk.

With the farm’s improving prosperity, Jack’s generosity extended to the farmhands, giving them a raise. On his twenty-first birthday, Zeke shared Adam in bed with Jack as a surprise. Despite Jack’s increasing sexual experience, Jack felt something was lacking. Jack was pursued by many men, but Jack was a man who had to quench his thirst for love. He was drawn to the land high above, yearning for Sam. From his sense of intuition, sensing Sam in danger with Master, Jack climbed the beanstalk a third time. But what was more important was his desire to fulfill his love for Sam. Jack rescued Sam from being boiled for Master’s dinner, but not before Jack stole the giant’s gold harp that sang music. When Jack fled with the harp crying out, “Master, Master, Master,” the harp was calling out to the person the legend defined. The legend surrounding the harp was simple- the harp was loyal only to a man who loved. When the harp sensed Jack’s loyalty and love for Sam, the harp eventually stopped yelling Master, Master, Master, and played music, like it had for Master.

In Jack’s Magical Beanstalk & the Jeweled Grotto Book 2, Jack was living his life happily with Sam on the prosperous farm. But Sam missed his father and brothers, especially since there was not a beanstalk to climb up to the world where he was born. They had to chop down the magical beanstalk to prevent Master from following them down to the farm. Ignoring Sam’s caution, Jack planted nearly all the prized bean seeds from the original magical beanstalk, impulsively to gain more profit for the farm so they could diversify their crops. But when a late spring snowstorm killed the young beansprouts, the farm faced ruin. Additionally, Sam had premonitions that his father was seriously ill. When Sam acquired magical bean seeds secretly, he was able to grow another giant beanstalk. Jack was unable to pursue Sam to the land above, because he had to find a way to save the farm. Jack’s pride shone when he refused to accept Zeke and Adam’s offer to bail him out by buying seeds for another crop. When Jack offered them a partnership in exchange for buying new seeds, he managed to have new crops planted, enabling the farm to recover from ruin. While planting the new crop, Jack struggled with his instincts about something terrible threatening Sam. Jack’s devotion to Sam led him to rescue Sam after the seeds were planted. Sam had been captured by two new giants inhabiting the castle. The Duchess and Queen had outwitted Sam in his pursuit for food seasoned with a spice that would cure his father from Giant Fever.

In rescuing Sam, Jack noticed sparkling jewels that the giants coveted. When Sam explained the origin of the valuable jewels, similar to the ones in the jeweled grotto where they first made love, the need for adventure erupted within Jack. So he embarked to the castle to steal the giant’s jewels with a promise to Sam to build a jeweled cave back on the farm. His thirst for more jewels, bordering on greed and settling a dispute with the giants, motivated Jack to return a second time and steal more gems to pay back Zeke and Adam for the money they used to buy the seeds.

When Jack and Sam retreated back down the magical beanstalk they were chased by the Queen and Duchess. With the help of the beanstalk, Jack managed to cast the giants off to oblivion. The magical beanstalk remained standing for Sam to return home anytime.

Before Jack and Sam could enjoy their newly built jeweled cave, the family had to seek shelter somewhere from an approaching tornado. Jack consulted with Sam before opening up the cave for everyone to be safe. Jack’s quick wit preserved the hidden jeweled section for only Sam and him while still being able to have a shelter for his family.

Jack wanted only Sam’s happiness. When Sam was despondent about not being able to help his family, Jack attempted numerous ways to find a way for Sam to return home for a visit. When all his plans failed he attempted to cheer Sam up with the ushering in of spring as a time to make love. He tried to divert Sam’s despondency into a more pleasurable feeling. He intended to entice Sam into an amorous interlude of love.

Jack did not become angry with Sam for keeping the second magical beanstalk a secret. Nor did Jack become hurt or enraged when Adam blackmailed Sam into a web of sexual deception. He trusted Sam above all others. He was loyal to him.

Beyond Jack’s appealing physical attributes, he was man who provided for and loved his mother, trusted the good in people, extended generosity to others deserving, and was devoted to loving one particular man, Sam. He strived to fulfill being the man his father was, despite his father’s life being mostly a memory, supplemented by the man seen through his mother’s eyes. Jack was the man he had seen in his father.

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