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#TeaserTuesday from @pt_macias with Angels Of The Fallen : 'Lucifer' Book Four #excerpt #preorder #eBook #RPBP

Who's Your Favorite Fallen Angel?
Coming On 12.25.16
Two For Tuesday Teaser!
Excerpt #1
The fiery pit of hell erupts, shooting scorching crimson flames up through the different stations of hell.
Sofiel stops halfway down the ramp to glare at Lucifer. She squares her shoulders and tosses her long dark hair over her shoulders. Her glowing light gray eyes narrow and she lifts her chin up squaring her shoulders.
“I’m here to do my job! I’m not here to see you! I’m glad that you’re still here paying for your insolence!”
Lucifer laughs out loud at Sofiel.
“You’re a complete fool! Yeah, I paid for my imprudence.”
“I’m not the fool Lucifer! You think very highly of yourself! That’s the problem with you! That’s what gets you in trouble, isn't? I’m not here for you!”
Lucifer stands tall with his right hand on his silver sword. His bicep flexes as he moves, and he stands straight with his feet spread wide. He grips the silver sword, beautifully embellished with precious jewels that glow as he moves. The silver bracers, embossed with an intricate pattern, emphasis his muscular forearms.
Lucifer is a handsome man with dark black hair. His beard is trimmed to enhance his square jawline. His nose is straight, and he has sexy, full, sensual red lips. His beautiful bright blue eyes glow with his inner power, shining brightly.
The expensive black slacks fit him perfectly snug accentuating his wide shirtless shoulders. The hot flames cast a soft glow on his golden skin. The soft black curls cover his chest, tapering down to disappear below his pants. He looks sexy, dangerous, and beautiful.
Lucifer narrows his bright blue eyes and raises his eyebrow.
"I suggest that you stop looking for me, Sofiel."
Excerpt #2
“What the fuck are you doing here?”
Lucifer deep thunderous voice booms out as he walks down the ramp. The fiery fire pit flares shooting fire balls up the stations of hell.
Sofiel stops, moves back against the black limestone wall watching the fireballs. She then turns to look over at Luc raising trembling hands to push back her long dark black hair. She tucks some locks behind her ears. She then moves away from the wall and walks over to Lucifer.
“Angel Lucifer, I’m here to see how you’re doing. I was worried about you.”
Lucifer gazes down at her and shakes his head crossing his arms.
“Angel Sofiel, this place is not for the likes of you. You need to return to the heavens before your tainted! You need to return before someone notices that you’re gone. The time in the heavens and earth are different. The time on earth passes swiftly.”
Sofiel takes a step closer and grasps her hands tight to stop from trembling. Her huge light gray eyes glow and the silver specks flash brightly. She slowly smiles up at him tilting her head to the right.
“Angel Lucifer, I’m lost without you in the lecture hall. Gabriel doesn’t have time to teach me. I. . . .I . . miss. . . . .you.”
Luc shakes his head, glares at her, and looks away. He clenches his jaw, the muscle twitches from the intense pressure that he’s inflicting, and narrows his eyes to look at the fiery pit.
“Angel Sofiel, return to your station. Stop calling me Angel Lucifer! I’m not an Angel!”
Lucifer turns to look at her, his brilliant blue eyes glow, and his silver specks flash with the beat of his racing heart.

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