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#MM #LGBT Romance Fantasy!
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Our guest blogger today is Pablo Michaels. Pablo is the author of MM #LGBT stories, such as this fantasy remake of 
"Jack and The Magical Beanstalk".
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Author Pablo Michaels spins a tale of gay romance like no other!

Please enjoy this guest blog as we go further into the story with this character series, 
Pablo Michaels.
For those of you who aren't familiar with the book and the author, let's start out with the basics!
About The Author
Author Pablo Michaels
Pablo Michaels disguised himself as a shy, friendly heterosexual during his adolescence, fantasizing other males. Falling in love with another man his first year in college, he followed him to another university to maintain their platonic love, while he continued in his in studies. When he had his first sexual encounter with another man, just before turning twenty-one, he exploded into gay life with lust and anger. He attempted to live his new life naturally, seeking love, ignoring the statistics of the books he read on homosexuality in high school, and proving what he had read was wrong.
He wrote poetry and stories since third grade. When he turned twenty-one, he moved to San Francisco to work and write, experiencing more of gay life. In the 1980's he wrote every chance he had, trying and failing miserably at publishing mainstream fiction. He published his first story in 1986 in a literary magazine. read more...

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About The Book
In this adult fairy tale young, awkward, young Jack sells their prize cow Pearly White for magical beans to a strange man in a red bikini. Little does Jack’s mother, Lorene, know that the beans grow into a giant, magical beanstalk, high above the clouds?

Jack ascends the beanstalk to a land where a Giant Slave serves his larger Master, Jack begs Slave for food to satisfy his hunger from his long journey. But Jack finds Master hoarding treasures.

Attempting to escape the wrath of Master and Slave with the treasures, Jack encounters a handsome, engaging normal sized human man. Sam lives with others that live naturally without clothing deep in the forest. As Jack ages he becomes a handsome man, just like his father, attracting many men, including the two farmhands, Zeke and Adam.

Even though Jack has enabled the farm to prosper with the treasures he stole from Master and is met with increasing danger, he climbs the magical beanstalk again and again to find more treasures and pursue Sam.

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Now available on a wider network!!!

Page Foundry (Inktera) 

24 Symbols



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And Now, without further delay,

we present to you...

The next character segment of 

meet the characters from 

"Jack and The Magical beanstalk", 

"Who Is Sam?"

written by 

​Pablo Michaels
Who is Sam? Sam is Jack’s love interest. Sam was the naked man Jack first saw when he stole the gold coins from Master Although Jack is attracted to Zeke and Adam, Sam became the man who struck Jack with an infatuation, initially, but as time went by he became obsessed, wanting him as the man to love as a soulmate. Sam lived high up in the sky above the clouds where the magical beanstalk grew into a new world, leading Jack to the castle, where two giants lived and tribes of naked humans Jack’s size, inhabited the forests surrounding the castle. They lived without wearing clothes to allow them greater speed when needing to escape Master and Slave when they stole food. They also believed clothes hid their flaws and attributes when choosing a partner, ultimately to bond with a soulmate. Sam lived in one of the tribes with two brothers and his father, losing his mother at childbirth. Sam admired Jack from a distance, after seeing him, briefly, when Jack escaped with the bag of gold coins and was returning home, down the magical beanstalk. In a fleeting glimpse, Jack departs with a lasting, pleasurable image of the naked man. Jack climbed the magical beanstalk a second time, planning on stealing from Master and hoping to meet the naked man, again. When he reached the beanstalk, after escaping the castle with the hen that lays golden eggs, he observed the naked man, beckoning Jack to follow him with an apple in his hand, Jack followed his instinct, pursuing the naked man’s escape through the trails in the forest. Stopping to rest, the naked man introduced himself as Sam. Their brief discussion ended with a smoldering kiss, leaving vivid impressions on Jack and Sam about each other. Sam offered Jack a blanket to cover the chicken in its cage to stop the hen from cackling. Meeting as strangers and strongly attracted to one another, they vowed to meet again when they had the opportunity. Sam had to return to his tribe to feed his ailing father, while Jack had to return to his farm and his family.

Jack’s emotions dwelled on Sam, so much that he created images of Sam in his photographic mind. The images illustrated Sam’s clear, blue eyes, bronze colored, hairless chest, and blond wavy hair. The visualizations aroused Jack along with his longing to touch him, again. But the images grew fainter and fainter, until he visualized Sam in trouble with the giants. Jack rushed to save Sam, and stole Master’s gold harp for his mother. They both escaped into the forest to a secluded grotto. Here Sam related the legend of the gold harp. He serenaded Jack with his beautiful voice, accompanied by the music from the harp, while they made love.

Ultimately, Sam made a lifetime decision. In order to consummate his love with Jack, he followed Jack down the beanstalk, leaving his family behind, unaware if he would ever see them again. He overcame his fear of heights in two steps. The first time, he trusted Jack, descending down the stove in the castle. When he descended the magical beanstalk with Jack, escaping the wrath of Master, he overcame his fear of heights, possibly for the last time. Going down the beanstalk also proved his trust in Jack. He has chosen to devote his life loving Jack. He feared losing contact with his family, when they had to chop down the magical beanstalk, killing Master. Sam became despondent of ever seeing his family again, when they lost the only method of climbing up into the sky. Proving his ability to accept change, he adapted to a new way of life by wearing clothes and accepting a new family. Continuing to have hopes for returning to the land above, he becomes despondent, never to see his family, again, when the bean seeds from the magical beanstalk did not grow into another magical beanstalk. Overcoming this disappointment, he challenged Jack to help him relive his natural way of living, after they made love in a field, baiting Jack to race him back to the house, naked, like they would have done in Sam’s former world. I hoped to leave the reader with mixed feelings about Sam’s complete happiness with living with Jack without seeing his family, again.

Thank you for joining us for this Fourth segment of our character series with "Jack and The Magical Beanstalk". We hope you enjoyed this segment, "Who Is Zeke?" and will come back next Friday, the 1st of April when we visit one more character from the book, "Jack and The Magical Beanstalk"!

Thank you for joining us during our character series from Jack and the Magical Beanstalk!
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  1. Thank you for the exposure and relating the story of Sam. He is a pivotal character leading into the sequel.