Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Roll up, Roll up! It's Buy One Get One FREE from Susan Joyce! #RPBP

Welcome to the first blog from the new Rukia Book Blog

My name is Steve and I am thrilled to be part of the Rukia Social Media Team, feel free to hook up with me on Twitter @RukiaBlogger

One of the Rukia Publishing featured authors has a wicked deal for memoir readers, take a look!


Order Good Morning Diego Garcia and Receive a Free eCopy of The Lullaby Illusion!

Email a Copy of Your Purchase Confirmation for Good Morning Diego Garcia to author Susan Joyce at 
li-promo@peelbooks.com and she will send you an eCopy of The Lullaby Illusion Free!

The Lullaby Illusion: A Journey of Awakening (Journeys Book 1) 

One woman’s story: a child lost at birth, war, betrayal, travel, dreams, and art

In a hospital in a foreign land, a young American woman gives birth. Her son, one hope of saving her troubled marriage to a mysterious man, is born dead. Soon after, while she still grieves, Susan's island paradise in Cyprus collapses into a war zone, and she finds herself trapped in fierce fighting between defending Greek and Turkish forces. Evacuated by the British Navy, she starts putting pieces back together in England. Then she learns that her husband had something to do with the war. And in lucid dreams, she sees that he is also cheating on her. She confronts him, and he responds with a too-professional chokehold that threatens her life. Stunned, she finds herself penniless in the streets of Brussels. But friends, dreams, and creativity push her forward as she discovers that her "ticking clock" is not the need to produce a child, but her need to create a life that reflects her true expressive self.

This twelve-year memoir of profound personal transformation and friendships is a true page-turner. Again and again, you will ask yourself "what could possibly happen next?"

Good Morning Diego Garcia: A Journey of Discovery (Journeys Book 2)

You’re young, living comfortably in southern California. You’re financially secure, though you don’t know why or how. Your husband simply ignores you when you ask too many questions. He’s hoping for another job overseas, doing something. You’re not sure what, but you suspect it’s not what he says.
You marriage is shaky. You survived a war in Cyprus together, and lost everything. Now you’re basically biding time.
A letter arrives from friends you knew in Cyprus. They’re sailing a new yacht from Taiwan to Europe for a Swedish millionaire. You’re invited to join them in Sri Lanka, as crew. Neither of you knows boats, but you’ll learn — it will be the trip of a lifetime, cruising the Indian Ocean in a pleasure yacht!
And, it turns out, in monsoon season. With no charts. And an emotionally unstable crew mate. What could possibly go wrong?

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